31 Jan Milestone – Preference to Those Notifying Court of Intent to Testify

While the Court will accept written and video submissions until the conclusion of the Federal Hearing on 18 February, the Court ‘encourages’ everyone wishing to provide written testimony or speak at the Fairness Hearing to submit this Testimony Form by 31 January 2014.

If the several ‘turn out the testimony’ campaigns generate any sort of public response, those who’ve not submitted forms will not be heard. ‘Insiders’ – those indicating their lawyers will be in court – will likely be given specific time slots ahead of time. We’ll be prepared to help you navigate this document and participate in a way most likely to convey The People’s perspective on the adequacy and reasonableness of the proposed agreement.

This group understands the US Attorney for Oregon has worked diligently to narrow public input. We assume Judge Simon will forward these forms to Amanda Marshall’s office, so she and the City can prepare to refute your testimony.

If anyone is unable personally to attend the scheduled hearing and would like to provide oral testimony, he or she may present oral testimony by video and submit such testimony on a DVD attached to his or her written submission. We’ll keep you updated on a plan to record your testimony.


Also posted here: “Those who previously provided a written submission requesting oral testimony will be given priority. Those who did not provide advance notice of their intent to testify may testify, at the Court’s discretion and if time permits. The Court will determine the order of the individuals providing testimony. Each member of the public will be provided five (5) minutes to testify. Organizations will be limited to presenting three (3) representatives and each representative will have ten (10) minutes to testify. The Court may extend time for testimony for good cause. Only testimony that is relevant, as determined by the Court, will be allowed at the hearing.”

Submissions may be made to the Clerk of the Court in person or via first class mail to Clerk of the Court, Civil Intake, Fairness Hearing Comments, 1000 S.W. Third Avenue, Suite 700, Portland, OR 97204, or via email to Mary_Austad@ord.uscourts.gov. These submissions will be retained by the Court until the close of the case, but will not be part of the public record unless the Court orders otherwise.


One thought on “31 Jan Milestone – Preference to Those Notifying Court of Intent to Testify

  1. Consult Hardesty

    What testimony is relevant? We believe the proposed agreement should be assessed in light of Findings made by DoJ investigators, though the press releases indicate relevance should be assessed in light of the citation they finally worked up.

    We’ve posted a copy of the Judge’s order for a fairness hearing. It does not rule out testimony as regards to the DoJ Findings. Page 38 of those findings give evidence of racial profiling, but all remedy ignored these civil rights violations.

    Read the judge’s order, here:


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