Produce a block of testimony, using a case study of Fred & Keaton’s experiences, after which Judge Simon will reject the current agreement as deficient and order the parties to negotiate a reasoned, community-led plan to protect The People’s civil and human rights.

Reject increased financing of perpetrators; get Simon to demand public resorces enable civilian-based authority, so victims are equipped to defend their consitutional protections on an ongoing basis.


Be coalitional; we don’t have to invent the wheel, just get those in the community with pertinent evidence into the record.

Identify and make known elements of the Keaton Otis homicide and Fred Bryant’s subsequent appeal for justice that demand remedy.

Identify, then organize esteemed community members to testify as to current deficiencies. Infill with courageous justice advocates to present evidence not covered by Subject Matter Experts. Provide logistical support prior to and at hearing.

Speak to the Judge in the manner he can appreciate (citing cases, using terminology he’d be receptive to) and power he can exercise.

Convey emotional content to Judge (Guilt Trip); explain that the present agreement, implemented in full, would not obtain justice for victims; the next killing is on him.

Agitate among those the Judge is liable to respect.

See the Four Tracks.


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