Identifying Participants

Wanna be involved in the most intense civil rights struggle to hit Portland in a generation?

How can we help?

We hope these questions – of social justice advocates and subject matter experts – will solicit testimony in a Federal Fairness hearing, where the public will finally weigh in on a proposed Settlement Agreement designed to remedy civil rights violations by the City of Portland.

The potential for a Federal judge to order a more effective remedy than that which is on the table … or order a more thorough investigation … is huge. Never in its history has Portland City Council sustained their decision to terminate a police officer for lethal use of force. This has been going on for so long that a large resource pool of police accountability experts now exists within the community.

We begin to network among those who hold an existing body of knowledge. Contact us if you or someone you know should be approached to testify before Judge Simon in Federal Court. Here are the results of a brainstorming session, designed to get you thinking about who might use the Keaton Otis case to frame demands for police accountability mechanisms:

Authors – Academics – Celebrities -Clergy – Constitutional Law Advocates – Community Leaders – Constitutional Law Advocates – Filmmakers – Keaton Otis Vigil attendees – Historians – Journalists – Lawyers – Law Students – Lawyers- Legislators – Occupy – Victims – Victim’s Family Members

Consider national organizations who might send someone; or national leaders (Jesse Jackson helped the request for an investigation get traction) who’d attend or tape a preface referencing Keaton … or at least write a letter telling the judge to take us seriously

In addition to subject matter experts, the Action Group relies on all levels of expertise. Suave public speakers will testify on data sets they’ll soon learn. Nurturing folks have a role in empowering those who’ll testify. Those with clerical skills will package written testimony or produce supporting materials. Those with people skills are needed for a campaign to maximize public turnout. 

We’ll match your willingness to tasks at hand.


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