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Kickoff Meeting Scheduled – Tuesday, 7 January, 6-8pm

A bulk email has just gone out to justice advocates who left contact information on clipboards developed by Consult Hardesty. Those willing to step into a 6-week commitment have been invited to this site, and use the Contact Form to request the East Portland location of the kick-off meeting.

An initial step in the campaign will be to identify and network among those in our community who might join us. See the green text here, for brainstorming ideas.

We’ll be looking at different ways of engaging in the work. Attendees should think about which of the Four Tracks they would like to pursue.

Also, we’ve put out a call for those who’d like to ‘advocate from home.’ We’ll have discrete, supportive tasks that can be accomplished outside of meetings. Respondents should leave a phone number at the Contact page.

If we reach critical mass in this meeting, it will become likely that a few interns will become available through Portland State University.

Here’s the text of the email:

Thank you for leaving your contact information (likely at a Michelle Alexander event) last January. We hope you’ll get involved in what is perhaps the most significant press for civil rights in Portland … in a generation.

On 18 February, beginning at 9am, a Federal judge will convene a Fairness Hearing, regarding a proposed Settlement Agreement following Department of Justice Findings that the City of Portland engages in illegal use of force. We hope you’ll want to testify, and that you’ll help us spread the word. It will be the first time the public has had an opportunity to weigh in on the final document.

On Tuesday, 7 January, from 6-8pm, a 6-week campaign will kick off, to engage community participation in this hearing. A ‘Coalition of the Willing,’ it is an action group forming to organize maximum attendance and informed testimony. It is an advocacy group, emerging from those who understand the Agreement is not sufficient to replace what the DoJ called a ‘self-defeating accountability system’ run by the City, in regards to the Portland Police Bureau. We do this to honor the work of Fred Bryant, who put his all into seeking an investigation into the police killing of his son, Keaton Otis. Portland’s Independent Review Board failed him. It failed to bring justice while our constitutional protections were not in force.

Interested in a short-term, closed-end commitment? See details of the proposed campaign here.

To join the Action Group, we request you use the Contact Form at the Justice for Keaton Otis & Fred Bryant web site. ( We’ll reply with the East Portland location of Tuesday’s meeting.

Help us encourage testimony by subject matter experts. Help us get personal, video testimony into the record, among those who cannot attend the Hearing.

We’re also able to accommodate a few who wish to ‘advocate from home.’ We currently need justice advocates who are able to work the phones.

Dave & Jo Ann Hardesty, Consult Hardesty in solidarity with Justice for Keaton Otis & Fred Bryant

Please forward.


Support the ‘Fred Bryant Clause’

The Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability have posted an analysis of a proposed settlement agreement now before the U.S. District Court for Oregon. For your distribution, we re-post the document here.

The AMA calls upon parties (U.S. Dept. of Justice & City of Portland) to institute a ‘Fred Bryant Clause‘ into the Agreement. In a section demonstrating where the agreement actively inhibits police accountability, the group narrows in on a new clause which prohibits appeals to the Citizen Review Committee, stating:

“The late father of Keaton Otis was denied such an appeal.”

This group is aware that Fred Bryant’s pursuit of justice, as well as evidence in the case of police self-exoneration in the death of his son Keaton, provide excellent grounds for The People to make a case that the proposed agreement is neither fair, adequate, or reasonable.

Contact us, if you’d like to help with this work.

Federal Fairness Hearing, to determine whether The People concur with this proposal, to end civil rights violations by Portland Police, is “fair, adequate and reasonable,” is scheduled for 18 February.