We have reams of evidence, including Grand Jury testimony, police reports, and forensic evidence Fred collected himself.

All who’ll build a case study ought to spend 46 seconds witnessing the Keaton Otis homicide (here). It makes every officer who stated he heard the caution, “Gun!” a liar. This evidence makes false most claimed observation and declared reasoning during the escalation into violence. There wasn’t time for Keaton to reach for a weapon; even if he wasn’t being tazed simultaneously by three weapons.

Details of the shooting … and resultant coverup … can be as intriguing – and confounding – as the Kennedy assasination. For the best textual analysis, see the excellent site Justice for Keaton Otis. Portland Copwatch has this overview, and also documents the foundation for Track 2 in our case study.

See pages 78-92 of this report by the City Auditor’s consultants … which obligingly quashes all concerns about misconduct, yet makes many elements of the case for Track 1.

Those pursuing Track 3 will find resources at the National Police Accountability Project.

After Fred Bryant inspired a public audience four months ago (at about 4 minutes, HERE), one local news affiliate dropped any mention of Keaton Otis shooting anyone, simply stating an officer was shot in the encounter.

To more fully grasp Fred’s observations, this off-the-cuff interview of nearly a half hour will help you understand where the man was coming from. HERE

HERE is the proposed settlement agreement, negotiated behind closed doors by the City of Portland and the U.S. Department of Justice. More damning are the DoJ Findings, which document Portland’s patterns and practices of constitutional violations in use of force by police. We will demonstrate the proposed remedy will not eliminate the practices. On page 27, investigators describe our ‘self-defeating accountability system; on page 38, investigators cite racial disparities in police stops … and declared analysis outside the scope of their investigation.

Fred Bryant preparing to tape a segment for Safe & Sound?

Fred Bryant’s legacy inspires community members to think critically about police violence and intimidation.


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